High Rail

for iPhone and iPad

  • Enhanced With 3D Touch

    High Rail users with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 are already taking advantage of 3D Touch to control a moving engine’s momentum. It’s truly awesome!
  • Engine Name Improvements

    The Lionel Legacy Base stores engine names in UPPERCASE. This is fine for the CAB-2 remote. However, modern apps should NOT YELL AT THE USER. The initial High Rail Engine feature shipped leaving the engine names in UPPERCASE.
  • Personalizing An Engine

    Personalizing an engine with a photo is a great way to create a custom app experience. The engine speed graph and gesture control adapt to the selected image.
  • Site Changes

    This site was originally maintained using Wordpress. For numerous reasons I decided to start using a static-site generator. The site is now maintained using Jekyll. I “lost” a few blog posts containing app screenshots in the process. I hope to restore some of that information soon.
  • Exciting Features Still To Come

    The High Rail software architecture was built from the start to support a highly interactive user experience. The gesture driven engine control (i.e. control your engines with your fingers) is a start to that experience.