High Rail

for iPhone and iPad

  • Version 3.5 Released

    I am pleased to announce that High Rail 3.5 is released.
  • Black Friday Sale

    To celebrate Thanksgiving, you can download High Rail for $1.99. This means you can sneak away to your train room after dinner and use your iPhone or iPad to control your Lionel Legacy LCS enabled layout for less than a slice of pumpkin pie.
  • Current Promotion

    Starting Saturday, July 28, 2018, High Rail will be $1.99. This means you can start using your iPhone and iPad to control your Lionel Legacy LCS enabled layout for less than a piece of three rail track.
  • Fall Promotion

    Great news! Starting Monday, October 16, 2017, High Rail is 50% off. This means you can start using your iPhone and iPad to control your Lionel Legacy LCS enabled layout for only $4.99. That’s less than most pieces of three rail track.
  • New Release

    High Rail 3 is out. iPad users can now quickly and easily change an engine’s image by dragging and dropping photos.
  • SensorTrack™ Noise Filter

    Interfacing with external hardware is challenging. The challenge is even more difficult when interfacing with third party hardware. Software engineers are to expect the unexpected.
  • SensorTrack™ Recording

    This video shows just how easy it is to create a SensorTrack™ recording with High Rail. As you know the physical SensorTrack™ track piece has a physical button that you must push in order to start a recording. However, High Rail allows you to “push the button” from your iPhone or iPad. Therefore go ahead and put your SensorTrack™ in “hard to reach places”.
  • Enhanced With 3D Touch

    High Rail users with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 are already taking advantage of 3D Touch to control a moving engine’s momentum. It’s truly awesome!
  • Engine Name Improvements

    The Lionel Legacy Base stores engine names in UPPERCASE. This is fine for the CAB-2 remote. However, modern apps should NOT YELL AT THE USER. The initial High Rail Engine feature shipped leaving the engine names in UPPERCASE.
  • Personalizing An Engine

    Personalizing an engine with a photo is a great way to create a custom app experience. The engine speed graph and gesture control adapt to the selected image.
  • Site Changes

    This site was originally maintained using Wordpress. For numerous reasons I decided to start using a static-site generator. The site is now maintained using Jekyll. I “lost” a few blog posts containing app screenshots in the process. I hope to restore some of that information soon.
  • Exciting Features Still To Come

    The High Rail software architecture was built from the start to support a highly interactive user experience. The gesture driven engine control (i.e. control your engines with your fingers) is a start to that experience.
  • Useful Lionel Links

    There’s a collection of a useful Lionel links on the Lionel Links page.
  • Converting LCS SensorTrack™ To Atlas-O 3-Rail Track

    This video shows a technique for converting LCS SensorTrack™ to Atlas-O 3-Rail track. As with any electronics project, you should only attempt this conversion if you are comfortable that you won’t break anything. Proceed at your own risk.