High Rail for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows you to control your Lionel Legacy Engines and Lionel LCS SensorTracks like never before.

Lionel Legacy Engine Gesture Control

control your engine's speed, direction, quilling whistle, bell and more using an awesome gesture-driven interface

The idea is simple. You want to control your engine without having to stare at your device. High Rail’s innovative gesture control feature allows you to control your engine’s most common features without having to hunt for a little button.
There are 10 unique gestures:
  • Speed
  • Momentum (reach target speed faster/ slower)
  • Quilling Whistle
  • Ding Bell
  • Halt System
  • Turn Bell On/Off
  • Open Front Coupler
  • Open Rear Coupler
  • Go Forward
  • Go Backward

Also, iPhone 6s users can use 3D Touch to adjust the momentum (i.e. press harder to reach target speed faster). It’s fantastic!

Gesture Assistant

in-app assistant shows how to use each of the ten gestures

The Gesture Assistant is part of High Rail. Simply tap the “question” button in the upper right corner of the engine control feature. Then swipe through each gesture to see how it works.

Lionel Legacy Engines

engines are a tap away

  • quickly scroll through your engines
  • filter engines by name or TMCC ID
  • even shows the engine’s current speed and target speed

Engine Style

personalize your engines

You can personalize each engine with an image. The engine control view adapts to the image to provide a unique and vibrant look for each engine.
  • select a photo from your Photo Library
  • take a photo from the app
  • use an app generated image based on the name and road number

SensorTrack™ Recording

recording made simple

Put your SensorTracks in hard to reach places.
  • tap the record button to begin a SensorTrack™ recording session
  • tap the record button again to stop a SensorTrack™ recording session
  • track the recording progress
    • green – plenty of room left in the recording
    • yellow – recording is starting to fill up
    • red – you better wrap up the recording

SensorTrack™ Predefined Actions

quickly change the predefined action

Put your SensorTracks in hard to reach places.
  • each SensorTrack™ has a handful of predefined actions
  • select a predefined action, tap “Set” and you’re done
  • switch between a predefined action and your custom recording

Dynamic Discovery

  • connects to a single LCS WiFi Module
    • Access Point
    • Home Network (WPS)
  • dynamically discovers all LCS modules


Other Features

  • predefined engine railroad speeds (with Crew Talk option)
  • power engine up and power engine down (with Crew Talk option)
  • control various engine effects
    • volume levels
    • smoke unit
    • labor effects
    • cab lights
    • diesel ditch lights
    • other
  • identify a LCS module or SensorTrack™ by turning on the module LED
  • edit Legacy Base name
  • view module information
  • set SensorTrack™ TMCC ID

Works on iPad, Too

These are iPad Pro screenshots